WorkGuru Kiosk is a quickest and easiest way for staff to add actual to a project so they can concentrate on doing their job.

The kiosk is designed for a touch screen device but can be used on any browser.  It allows staff to be able to login quickly with a PIN instead of the data entry of the their username and password.   Once in the kiosk, simply select the relevant Project and you can enter time or start a timer against a task, enter materials as used and add notes.

To access the kiosk, simply bookmark the following URL: .   You will need to login as a user with a username and password to access the kiosk screen.   You can use any existing user account or create a 'kiosk' user with minimal permissions.     From there, the rest of the staff can sign in to the kiosk just by selecting their name and using their pin.

Note:  This user must at least have the Login for Users permission selected at a minimum.