WorkGuru supports importing timesheets into active projects via a import spreadsheet template.  This is handy if you capture your timesheets in a third-party system but still need to track time on projects.  Importing timesheets is managed from the timesheet dashboard.

Create or modify an existing timesheet export to match the WorkGuru timesheet import template.   Import template fields descriptions:

WorkGuru username, email address or full name of the user. Must match exactly, including capitalisation, special characters and whitespace.
WorkGuru Project Number the timesheet will be attributed to.
Project Task the timesheet time is being assigned to.   The task MUST already exist on the project or an import error message will appear.
Total number of hours in a decimal format. Eg: 15min = 0.25.
Start date and time (daily) or date (weekly) timesheet entry occurred. Must be "DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM" format.  Note: If you are using the weekly timesheet method, HH:MM is not required. 

In some cases you may need to use custom formatting to get this correct. Right click the column on you your csv -> Format Cells -> Custom -> Enter DD/MM/YYYY -> Ok
Timesheet notes

Override the user's default rate and import the TOTAL timesheet cost.  Only for use when importing historical rates that are different to the user's current hourly rates.

From the timesheets dashboard and click the Import Timesheets button.

Click Choose file and select the timesheet import template.  Click Save to import timesheets.

The timesheet will be imported.  Note: If you are using the daily timesheet method, the finish time is calculated from the start date and time + the duration.