Once WorkGuru has been setup, one of the last steps required is to bring across any in-progress projects that are still active at the planned go-live date.   This allows you to seamlessly transition the applications of actuals from your previous system in WorkGuru without interruption while maintaining accurate profitability reporting.   The procedure to bring across your work in progress (WIP) projects is relatively straightforward, however, the amount of effort and data required is dependant of what level detail you required.  For example, you can import projects populated with a simple forecast, cost to date and invoiced to date balance.  Or, you can re-create a project fully by re-creating individual line items, timesheets, project purchase orders and invoices.   The only thing you can't replicate is stock usage as this is times sensitive.    The process to setup either a detail or balance only WIP project in WorkGuru is exactly the same, the only difference being more detail takes more time to setup.

Unfortunately, the level of detail you can actually get out of your existing system will also determine what WIP you can bring across to WorkGuru.

Data required from existing system:

  • Original quote lines (tasks and products)
  • Total quoted revenue
  • Total quoted cost
  • Total invoiced to date
  • Total cost to date (actual)
  • Historical timesheets (optional)

Recommended Procedure

  1. Import projects
  2. Import project lines as per the original quote which will set the forecast. (Minimum one line containing quoted cost and value.)
  3. Import cost WIP to date:
    • Import project POs which contain the total cost to date (if including labour do not import timesheets).
    • Receive and cost imported PO on each project.  Ensure that PO is marked Skip Send to Accounting.
    • Import Historical timesheets (optional) and approve if required.
  4. Apply revenue to date:
    • Raise invoice per project on the relevant billable line (usually quoted value) with the total invoiced to date. Ensure that the invoice is approved and marked Skip Send to Accounting.

Example Project WIP Template

Attached is a spreadsheet example on how to setup a basic project.

  • Sheet 1 - Project import
  • Sheet 2 - Project line import
  • Sheet 3 - Purchase order template with one total cost (exclusive of labour) to date balance line.
  • Sheet 4 - Timesheet import

Importing these imports in order will setup the project with its original quoted forecast and WIP costs to date.   Post import, the following manual steps will need to be completed per project to complete the WIP:

  • WIP Purchase Order - Approve and receive using the historical dates.  Ensure that received WIP PO is not sent to Xero by using the Skip Send to Accounting function.
  • Invoice - Raise an invoice with the project's invoiced balance to date with the historical dates. Ensure that the WIP invoice is not sent to Xero using the Skip Send to Accounting function.