You can restrict the visibility of projects in the kiosk to a particular warehouse location. This allows you to restrict the project list to a specific location, so staff won't see projects that they do not need to.   This is enabled by selecting the same warehouse location on the kiosk and the project and is only limited by how you want to setup your warehouses.  You could potentially have multiple warehouses within one the one physical locations eg metal shop, paint shop, work shop.   The only additional consideration is each warehouse will contain its own stock on hand, but these can be switched when using materials within the kiosk.

When creating projects, you can select the warehouse location or leave blank.

When accessing the Kiosk, you can also assign it to a specific location.   When the location is selected (it will remember the setting until a browser reset), the kiosk will only display projects that have ether been assigned to that location or do not have a warehouse selected.

The warehouse can be changed within the kiosk for the purposes of selecting where the Use Materials function is drawing SOH down (make sure you change the stock location before adding items).   Note, changing the warehouse location once logged in will not change the project list, this needs to be selected before login.  The original warehouse location will remain selected on the kiosk sign-in page.