Once a staff member has signed into the Kiosk, it defaults to the timesheet entry page.  To add stock usage via the kiosk, click Use Materials to show the materials usage page.   

Complete the stock usage by filling out the following fields:

  • Project - Search for and/or select the project the stock is being used on.
  • Product - Search for and select the product used by SKU or name.
  • Stock On Hand - Review available stock on hand in the warehouse.
  • Qty - Quantity of the selected SKU used on the project.
  • Description - Add a project specific description for the stock usage (optional).
  • Add Product - Add selected SKU to the usage queue.
  • Use Forecast Materials - Automatically add the project's forecast SKUs to the usage queue.
  • Use Remaining Materials - Shortcut to add any remaining forecast SKUs to the usage queue.
  • Add StockUsage - Process the usage queue and apply the selected SKUs to the project.  This is when FIFO products' stock on hand is decreased.  Function is only available when products are added to the us

Repeating the product selection step allows you to use multiple products at once.