WorkGuru includes a built in notification system to both alert you within the WorkGuru header and via email.   To access the notifications, click on the bell icon in the top right of the WorkGuru webpage.   The bell will vibrate and flash a red notification if there are un-read notifications.

The notification popup will display the last 3 notifications and allow you to set individual or all notifications as read.   Clicking See all notifications will display the notifications dashboard.  The dashboard lets you toggle between read and un-read using the dropdown, mark as read using the checkboxes in the Actions column and Set all as read.

To enable notifications, each user must access the notification settings from the Settings link in the popup or the green Notifications settings button on the notifications dashboard.

or the green Notifications settings button on the notifications dashboard. 

Use the slider to enable or disable notifications for your account and select which events you would like to get notifications for from the Notification Types list. You can tailor your notifications to your role in WorkGuru. Note: Notification settings are specific to each user/login - there is no global setting. Click Save to apply the notification settings.