Lead activities allow you to track any interaction with the client for the duration of the sales process.  It will timestamp and log who called/emailed/visited etc.

To add a lead activity:

  1. Create a lead following these steps.
  2. From the lead detail page, in the Activities tab, click +Add Activity button.
  3. Fill out the fields as required:
    1. User - Staff responsible for activity
    2. Type - How was/is the client contacted - Email, Phone, Quotation/Visit etc
    3. DueDate - Schedule the activity.  Eg call back by end of the week.
    4. CompletedDate - Date the activity was actioned and completed.
    5. Description - What needs to happen during the activity.
  4. Click Save to log activity against the lead.
  5. The activity can then be actioned from the lead detail screen using the highlighted icons:
    1. Complete - Click the check to mark the activity complete
    2. Edit - Edit the activity.
    3. Delete - Remove the activity from the lead
  6. Assigned lead activities will also appear on that user's WorkGuru dashboard for easy access and reference.  This allows a sales or account manager to easily assign activities for other staff in the sales team to action.
  7. Repeat this process to add as many lead activities as required for the duration of the sales cycle.