The V2 Custom Reports Categories can be renamed and exist to categorise and store custom saved reports that are accessible to anyone in your organisation.

To rename these categories:

  • Navigate to the Languages dashboard, accessible via the side menu: Administration > Languages. If you cannot locate this menu item, you may not have the correct permissions for access.
  • Select 'Change Texts' from the Actions dropdown against the relevant language:

  • On the Language Texts dashboard, search for "CustomReportsCategory". Leave all other options unchanged.
    • This will return the keys 'CustomReportsCategory1', 'CustomReportsCategory2' and 'CustomReportsCategory3' along with their current set base values
  • Click the edit button against the relevant key you wish to update. In the corresponding popup, enter the relevant value and click save:

  • Voila! Your custom report category has now been renamed and will be displayed as the base value against the corresponding key in the language texts dashboard as well as on the V2 reports index page: