The client contacts are imported as a separate import template.  If there are multiple contacts for a client, just repeat the same client name in the first column (Client) on the multiple rows of client data.

Ensure that the client you are importing the contacts already exists in WorkGuru, otherwise the import will fail.   You can import multiple contacts by have multiple rows with the same client name.

NOTE:  Client contact imports do not update existing contact details, only add to the client's contact lists.   Be aware of duplication if importing the same contact imports multiple times.

Client company name (Must match existing client name exactly - case sensitive)Required
Contact first name

LastNameContact last name
Phone1Phone number

Mobile number
EmailEmail address

PositionPosition in company


Once the spreadsheets are filled out, they can be imported from the Actions button from the client dashboard, selecting Import Client Contacts +.

Tips for a successful import:

  • Ensure you have included the mandatory fields.
  • Ensure there are only numbers in the phone number fields, email addresses in email field, website in website fields etc. 
  • Do not include symbols and comma's etc in the data.
  • Check for and remove whitespaces in the data.