You can add clients directly to WorkGuru by clicking on New Client in the Actions menu from the client dashboard.

When adding a client, only the client name is required to save the record.   However, the more data you can add in your client records, the more automation and reporting WorkGuru can provide.   Generally the client name is a company, with the contacts being the people.  However, the name can be an individual if required by your workflow.

Overview Tab

In the overview tab, fill out the following fields and click Save when complete:

  • Name - Client name, usually the company name.  (Required)
  • Tax No/ABN/VAT - Client's company number.
  • Billing Client - Invoicing client.  This is the client that will be invoiced for any invoices raised for work done for this client.  eg you can invoice a head office if completing work for a franchisee.
  • Client Code - A reference for the client, usually used when migrating from a previous system. This number is not used by WorkGuru or Xero.
  • Client Tax Rate - Apply specific tax rates to client
  • Currency - The Currency in which you use to work with the client, this will be applied on projects where for the client
  • Price Tier - Assigned pricing tier to determine which sell pricing the client on quotes, projects and stocksales.
  • Credit Terms - Payment terms either number of days or end of month.
  • Address 1 - Client street address
  • Address 2 - Client street address
  • Suburb - Client suburb
  • City - Client city
  • State - Client state
  • Postcode - Client postcode
  • Country - Client country
  • Email - Client company email
  • Website - Client website
  • Phone - Client landline number
  • Fax - Client fax.
  • Custom Fields - Any custom fields that you have created and assigned to the client section will display below the default client fields.

The overview tab also includes the client contacts list.   A client can have multiple contacts.  To add a contact, click the Create a new Contact button.

  • FirstName - Contact first name
  • LastName - Contact last name
  • Email - Contact direct email
  • Phone1 - Contact landline number
  • Phone2 - Contact mobile number
  • Position - Contact role/position
  • Notes - Contact notes.

Click Save when complete.

Customer Prices Tab

The customer prices tab is another tool you can use to set specific product pricing for specific products.  This pricing will override any other pricing method, including pricing tiers.   This pricing tool is best used when you only have a handful of SKUs that you need to provide specific pricing for.  If you need to providing discounting over a larger number of products, it is more advantageous to do this via a pricing tier.

To add customer specific pricing, click Add Product and use the Sku and Name fields to search for the product you want to provide the pricing for.   Enter the specific price exclusive of GST in the Client Price field.  NOTE:  The product must exist in your WorkGuru product list to assign customer specific pricing to.  You can also bulk import customer pricing.

Repeat the process for the number of products required and click Save to apply.