Leads let you track and record all the activities and correspondence it takes to issue and revise a quote until it is accepted or declined.

To add a lead:

  1. From the WorkGuru menu, go to Sales -> Lead Tracker dashboard and click on the Add a New Lead button or click on the New Lead shortcut from Sales -> New Lead
  2. From the add lead screen, fill out the following
    1. Lead Number - Leave blank by default or specify a unique reference
    2. Name - Identify the lead with a name.   Note, this name will also default as the quote and project name.
    3. Description - Detailed of the lead
    4. Owner - WorkGuru user responsible for the lead.  Useful for KPI reporting.
    5. Category - Likelihood of conversion (cold, cool, warm, hot)
    6. Stage - Where is the lead up to.
    7. Close Probability - Percentage likely to accept the issued quote/proposal by the forecast close date.
    8. Forecast Close - Estimated date for quote acceptance.  Used for pipeline reporting.
    9. Budget - Estimate client budget.
    10. Client - Select the lead client from the dropdown list or Add a New Client if new.
    11. Save when complete.
  3. The new lead is now ready to:
    1. Edit Lead - Update the lead category, stage, probability and close date as the sales cycle evolves.
    2. Add Quote - Create and issue the quote/proposal for the lead. Accepted quotes will create a project with the lead and quote details automatically.
    3. Add Activity - Track lead activities which are any interactions with the client such as emails and phone calls 
    4. Add Note - Record time and user stamped notes with lead specific information.
    5. Emails - Forward or CC emails related to the lead so they are logged in the lead history.
  4. The lead is now accessible to be updated from the leads dashboard at Sales -> Lead Tracker