To add a new lead, go to Sales -> Lead Tracker dashboard and click on the Add a New Lead button or click on the New Lead shortcut from Sales -> New Lead

From the add lead screen, fill out the relevant fields.  WorkGuru will prompt if you have missed any required fields.

  1. Lead Number - Leave blank by default or specify a unique reference
  2. Name - Identify the lead with a name. Note, this name will also default as the quote and project name.
  3. Description - Details of the lead
  4. Owner - WorkGuru user responsible for the lead.  Useful for KPI reporting.
  5. Category - Likelihood of conversion (cold, cool, warm, hot)
  6. Stage - Where is the lead up to (new lead, discovery meeting, quote submitted, close meeting, awaiting decision)
  7. Close Probability - Percentage likely to accept the issued quote/proposal by the forecast close date.
  8. Forecast Close - Estimated date for quote acceptance.  Used for pipeline reporting.
  9. Client - Select the lead client from the dropdown list or Add a New Client if new
  10. Client Contact - Primary lead contact.
  11. Budget - Estimate client budget.

Click Save when complete and the new lead is now ready. The lead is now accessible to be updated from the leads dashboard at Sales -> Lead Tracker