Project purchase orders can also be raised directly from a project or production job.   You can either raise a new blank order, which works well for purchasing products or services that you haven't forecast on the project or production job. Or, use the project or production job's purchasing automation tools in the project's materials page, which will automatically populate the order's line items from your forecast products or services.

To raise a blank purchase order from the project, click on Add Purchase Order from the project detail page's quick actions menu.

This is will raise a new project order that has been pre-filled out with the relevant project selected in the Project for PO field.   The rest of the order will need to be completed the same as adding a new project purchase order.

Line items purchased on a project purchase order that were not part of the project's forecast will be added to the materials page.

Material Project Purchase Orders

If you project or production job already contains a list of products and services that need to be purchased, WorkGuru can raise an order with the products already added.   This purchasing automation cuts down on data entry and can also ensure that you don't forget to order products for the project.   Which option you use is dependant on your workflow requirements.

From the project's materials tab, you can raise project POs directly from the product lists.

  • Order Selected Materials - Raise a new purchase order containing the selected line items.   Click the checkboxes to enable this option.    Apart from the line items, the rest of the order will need to completed as a new project purchase order.
  • Create One Purchase per Supplier - Raise draft purchase order(s) for all products in the list grouped by line items default supplier.   The next page will so a list of the draft POs raised which just need to reviewed and approved and sent if correct.   NOTE:  This function requires every product to have a default supplier assigned to be added to the order.   Ad-hoc line items will also not be added.
  • Order Out of Stock Products - Raise draft purchase order(s) for any forecast FIFO products that do not have enough stock on hand to complete the project.

Once the materials or services have been ordered, the material summary will be updated with the relevant actuals for review.