Adding Timesheets in the WorkGuru mobile app on your iOS device is easy. You can add timesheets by tapping the "+" add icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app from the:

  • Home page
  • Project page
  • Timesheet page

Tap Add Timesheet to start the timesheet entry.  There are two ways to enter time via the mobile app:


The easiest way to enter time is to start and stop your timesheet in real time as you are completing project or production tasks.   Select the required Project and Task and then tap Start Timesheet.

When the timer is active, the start timesheet + will change to a red 'stop' icon.    When you are finished work, tap the red stop timer icon, tap Stop Timesheet, finalise the timesheet details and tap Save Timesheet.


You can enter your timesheet retrospectively by entering the start and finish times of the duration of the timesheet.

  • Project - Tap Select Project to display a dropdown.  You can refine this list by searching for either the project number or name keywords before tapping select.
  • Task - Select the project's task.
  • Start Time - Timesheet start date, hour and minute.
  • Finish Time - Timesheet finish date, hour and minute
  • Note - Enter timesheet notes if required.

Tap Save to submit timesheet.