Setting up the WorkGuru mobile application on your iOS device is fast and easy.  Search for and install the WorkGuru application from the Apple App Store following your device's instructions.

Open the installed WorkGuru application.  On the first launch, it will prompt to allow access to device services such as local network, photos and media.  Allow or Don't Allow as per your mobile device management policies.

The WorkGuru mobile application login page will display.

On the first launch of the application on the device, you will need to set your tenant before entering your user name and password. Click Change Tenant and enter your current WorkGuru tenant name.  If you don't know your tenant name, it is available in the top right hand corner before your account name if you have access to the web interface, or ask your WorkGuru administrator.

Once the tenant has been set successfully, login to the WorkGuru application by entering your username and password.

Click Sign In and you are ready to add timesheets and stock usage to your projects from your iOS device!

If you receive this message on sign in, it means there is an issue with ether:

  • Check internet connectivity.
  • Incorrect, or no tenant set. Click Change Tenant and confirm it has been set correctly.   
  • Username or Password is incorrect or does not exist in the selected tenant.   Confirm your account has been created and is active in the tenant you are accessing and ensure the credentials have been entered correctly.