The mobile application allows users with sufficient privileges to be able to complete projects and/or tasks from the app.  

After logging into the app, tap Projects.

Project Completion

Search for and select the required project to mark as complete.  Tap on the project tile to open it.

You can mark the project complete by tapping Mark As Complete in the project section.   Note: If you do complete the project, it will be archived and no longer available in the mobile application.

Task Completion

Individual tasks can be completed by tapping Mark As Complete next to each task.  The date completed will be displayed on the task.  You can also toggle completed tasks back to incomplete by tapping Mark as Incompleted.

Tasks assigned directly to the user logged into the mobile app, can also be accessed directly from the app's home page, ordered by due date.  Tap the green tick to complete the task.   The task will be removed from the home page when completed.