If you notice any discrepancies in your stock on hand quantities or values, the first place to check the is the relevant product's stock movements.   From the stock dashboard, search for the relevant product name or sku and click See Stock Movements.

The stock movements will display all transactions and the value moved in and out of that SKU in chronological order of newest to oldest..  You can search for specific transaction.  You can then use the transactions to confirm the quantity and the value of the products moved in and out of that transaction.  Depending on the issue you can resolve it by updating the source transaction or via a stock adjustment.

The transaction that moved the stock in and out can be opened by clicking on the link in the source module column.

Transactions that move stock in are:

  • Stock purchase orders
  • Credit notes with stock returns
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stocktakes

Transactions that move stock out are:

  • Projects
  • Production jobs
  • Stock sales
  • Supplier credit notes with stock returns.
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stocktakes