Ideally, you would create a credit note directly from the stocksale or project that created the client's invoice.  However, creating a new client credit note directly is useful if you need to create a credit for a transaction that is not in WorkGuru.  From the client credit notes dashboard, click Create New Client Credit Note button.

Complete the fields to create and ad-hoc credit note.  WorkGuru will prompt if any mandatory fields are missed.

  • Credit Note Number - Leave blank to automatically assign the next number in the credit note sequence or manually assign by entering a reference.
  • Description - Credit note description, usually why the credit note is required.
  • Warehouse - Set this to the same warehouse of the source transaction.
  • Client - Client that is being credited, usually the same client as the invoice.
  • Date - Credit note date
  • Client Purchase Order - Client reference/previous transaction reference.
  • Project/StockSale - Select the source transaction (Optional). Select the Project or Stock Sale number from the dropdown to assign the credit note to an existing transaction so it applies the credit correct in regards to the profitability.
  • Return Items to Stock - Select if you are moving the returned items back into your stock on hand.  Note - Currently this will apply to all lines in the credit note.
  • Add Task - Add task lines if crediting hourly labour.
  • Add Product - Add product lines that are being credited

When complete, click Save to save a draft to edit late or Save and Approve to queue to be sent to Xero.