To begin using the Google Drive integration, first you must connect your Drive account to WorkGuru and perform some initial setup steps. Access the integration by clicking on the Google Drive icon on the integrations page:

If you are not already connected, you will see a link to begin the connection and authorisation process:

Once clicked, you will receive a prompt to login and/or select your account, then authorise the connection:

Once authorised, you will be returned to the Google Drive Integration page within WorkGuru. The next step will be to select a root folder which the integration will be based off. If you don't have a shared drive in Google Drive, create one and create a folder within it. Once that's done, your Google Drive should look similar to this:

Once a shared drive and folder exists in Google Drive, click the 'Set Root Folder' button on the Google Drive Integration page within WorkGuru. This will open a picker window in the browser. If this window doesn't appear, please ensure you allow popups from WorkGuru. Navigate to the folder you wish to use, click it once to highlight it, then click the 'select' button at the bottom of the picker window. Once done, you will see a notification in the bottom right corner of your browser to confirm the root folder was set successfully.

Once the root folder has been set, files added or emailed to WorkGuru from that point onwards will automatically begin uploading to Google Drive.