To add a new product in WorkGuru, follow these steps:

  1. From the WorkGuru menu, click on Administration -> Products then Add Product from the menu on the left.
  2. Fill out the following product fields:
    1. SKU - Unique product code.
    2. Name - Product's Name
    3. Cost - Description of the product.
    4. Barcode - UPC, EAN or your own barcode on the product's packaging.
    5. Brand - Product's Brand - for reporting.
    6. CostPrice - Your supplier price for the product, , GST exclusive.
    7. SellPrice - Price you sell the product, GST exclusive.
    8. SellTaxCode - Xero tax code for invoicing.
    9. PurchaseTaxCode - Xero tax code for purchasing.
    10. Category - Product category - for reporting.
    11. TrackingType - FIFO/stock controlled or NonStock
    12. Supplier - Default supplier
    13. SupplierCode - Suppliers unique product code/SKU.
    14. Sales Account - Xero GL account.
    15. ImageFile - Upload a product image for document templates.
    16. IsActive - Toggle if the product visibility.
  3. If the product has Units of Measures (UoM), click on the Units of Measure tab. UoMs allow you to purchase and sell products that have multiple units, eg you buy a case of product and sell or use them individually on projects. 
    1. Click the Add UOM button to add a UoM line.
    2. Fill out the following UoM fields
      1. SKU - UoM's unique product code
      2. Name - UoM's Name
      3. Supplier Code - UoM's supplier code. (This function also enables alternate suppliers for the product)
      4. Barcode - UPC, EAN or your own barcode on the UoM's packaging.
      5. Quantity - The number of the primary unit that exists in this UoM.
      6. Cost Price - Supplier price for the UoM
      7. Sell Price - You price for the UoM
    3. Repeat the process if the product has multiple UoMs ie- pack and carton, or square m, carton or pallet etc.
  4. Click Save, and the product will be added to your products list, or Save and Add which will take you back to the new product screen, if you need to add more products.