Product Par levels and locations can be imported in bulk via the attached template.  Product Par Levels and Locations are not part of the standard product import template.  The products you are adding levels and locations to must have already been created/imported in WorkGuru.  The import template can be uploaded on the Import Hub (Administration -> Imports)

Product Par Level and Location Import Field Definitions:

Product Sku - must already exist in WorkGuru
Choose which location to set the par levels and/or location for.
Minimum stock level that if equal or less than will will prompt for a re-order.

Stock level that a re-order prompted by meeting the min level will reorder to.

The minimum amount of SoH needed to meet demand.  Usually calculated by the current SoH - min / sales average.

Physical location identifier (Zone/Bin etc) in each warehouse.

You can then use the buying Guru purchasing automation tool to raise purchase orders automatically using the product Min, Max and Par levels compared to the current stock on hand.