To view details of current project:

  1. Click on Projects
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Under Current Projects find the project click on the Project No
  4. In the project Detail Page you have access to:
    1. Quick Actions Menu (Red)- for adding actuals to the project (timesheets, stock on hand, purchases), edit the project, invoice and change the project status
    2. Project Details Summary (Blue)  Project Numbers, Client, Schedule and Quote, Project Group and Client PO details.
    3. Actuals Tabs (Green) - Review Timesheets, Materials Used, POs, Notes, Files and Invoices added to the project.
    4. Progress Widgets (Yellow)- Quick status summary of where the job is up to by time and financially compared to the forecast.
    5. Project Documents (Brown)- Access and print project documentation.