The Security settings allow you to enforce users password and access lockout policies to enhance the login security of WorkGuru. 


Password Complexity

  • Use default settings- Default password settings are:
    • Passwords must have at least one digit (0-9).
    • Passwords must have at least one lowercase (a-z).
    • Passwords must have at least one uppercase (A-Z).
    • Passwords must be at least 8 characters.
  • Require digit - Password must include a number (0-9).
  • Require lowercase - Password must include a lowercase letter (a-z).
  • Require non alphanumeric - Password much include a symbol ($%* etc)
  • Require Uppercase - Password must include a uppercase/capital letter (A-Z).
  • Required length - Minimum password length.

User Lock Out

  • Enable user account locking on failed login attempts - Prevent a user from logging in for a nominated  period of time after incorrect password entry.
  • Maximum number of failed login attempt count before locking the account - Set the number of incorrect password attempts before locking out the user.
  • Account locking duration (as seconds) - Set the duration in seconds before the lockout period resets to allow the user to attempt to log back in again.  (300 seconds = 5 minutes).

Two Factor Login

  • Enable two factor user login - Turn on two factor authentication for all users to increase login security.
  • Allow to remember browser - If enabled, users can select to remember browser to skip followup two factor authorisation on trusted devices.