You can configure WorkGuru to send invoices via a generic account, instead of the logged in staff member.   You can also setup default email templates for Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders.

  1. Default Invoice Email Address to send from - Generic "accounts" email the customer will receive invoices from.  If left blank, the logged in staff member's email address will be used.
  2. Default Invoice Email sender display Name - Generic "accounts" name the customer will see when receiving invoices.  If left blank, the logged in staff members name will be used.
  3. Default Quote Email Test - Default templated email body/message text used when sending quotes.   Note: When emailing quotes from WorkGuru, the email address and name used is the logged in staff members email and full name.
  4. Default Invoice Email Test - Default templated email body/message text used when sending invoices.
  5. Default Purchase Order Email text - Default templated email body/message text used when sending purchase orders.  Note: When emailing purchases orders from WorkGuru, the email address and name used is the logged in staff members email and full name.

Email Template Merge Fields

If you require WorkGuru to pre-populate your email templates with quote, invoice and project specific information use the following merge fields in the subject and message body.

Shared Fields (can be used in all email templates):

Merge FieldMerge Field NameNotesQUOINVPOLDCN
User[UserEmail]Current logged in WorkGuru userYYYYY
User[UserFirstName]Current logged in WorkGuru userYYYYY
User[UserFullName]Current logged in WorkGuru userYYYYY
User[UserLastName]Current logged in WorkGuru userYYYYY

Quote Email Fields:

Merge FieldMerge Field NameNotes
Quote Emails[QuoteClientName]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientAddress1]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientAddress2]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientCity]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientState]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientPostcode]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientAddressBlock]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientWebsite]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientPhone]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientFax]
Quote Emails[QuoteClientABN]
Quote Emails[QuoteContactEmail]
Quote Emails[QuoteContactFirstName]
Quote Emails[QuoteContactFullName]
Quote Emails[QuoteContactLastName]
Quote Emails[QuoteContactPhone]
Quote Emails[QuoteDate]
Quote Emails[QuoteDescription]
Quote Emails[QuoteExpiryDate
Quote Emails[QuoteName]
Quote Emails[QuoteNumber]
Quote Emails[QuoteRecommendedJobDate]
Quote Emails[QuoteTax]
Quote Emails[QuoteTotal]
Quote Emails[QuoteTotalIncTax]

Invoice Email Fields:

Merge FieldMerge Field NameNotes
Invoice Emails[ClientName]
Invoice Emails[ClientPurchaseOrder]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceDate]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceDescription]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceDueDate]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceNumber]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceProductTotal]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceReference]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceSubTotal]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceTaskTotal]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceTotal]
Invoice Emails[InvoiceTotalTax]

 Purchase Order Email Fields:

Merge FieldMerge Field NameNotes
PO Emails[POName]
PO Emails[PORate]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderDate]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderDeliveryAddress1]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderDeliveryAddress2]
PO Emails
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderDescription]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderExpectedDate]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderNumber]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderPostcode]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderProjectName]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderProjectNo]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderState]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderSubTotal]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderSuburb]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderTaxTotal]
PO Emails[PurchaseOrderTotal]
PO Emails[SupplierContactName]
PO Emails[SupplierName]
PO Emails[SupplierABN]
PO Emails[SupplierAddress1]
PO Emails[SupplierAddress2]
PO Emails[SupplierCity]
PO Emails[SupplierState]
PO Emails[SupplierPostcode]
PO Emails[SupplierWebsite]
PO Emails[SupplierPhone]
PO Emails[SupplierFax]
PO Emails[SupplierEmail]

Credit Note Email Fields:

Merge FieldMerge Field NameNotes
Credit Note Emails[CreditNoteNumber]
Credit Note Emails[CreditNoteDate]
Credit Note Emails[CreditNoteDescription]
Credit Note Emails[CreditNoteSubTotal]
Credit Note Emails[CreditNoteTaxTotal]
Credit Note Emails[CreditNoteTotal]

Lead Email Fields:

Merge FieldMerge Field NameNotes
Lead Emails[LeadBudget]
Lead Emails[LeadCategory]
Lead Emails[LeadCloseProbability]
Lead Emails[LeadCreationDate]
Lead Emails[LeadDescription]
Lead Emails[LeadForecastCloseDate]
Lead Emails[LeadName]
Lead Emails[LeadNumber]
Lead Emails[LeadStage]
Lead Emails[LeadStatus]
Lead Emails[LeadWonOrLostDate]
Lead Emails[LeadContactEmail]
Lead Emails[LeadContactFirstName]
Lead Emails[LeadContactLastName]
Lead Emails[LeadContactFullName]
Lead Emails[LeadContactPhone1]
Lead Emails[LeadContactPhone2]
Lead Emails[LeadOwnerFirstName]
Lead Emails[LeadOwnerLastName]
Lead Emails[LeadOwnerFullName]
Lead Emails[LeadOwnerPhone]