Revising an issued quote lets you track the changes made to a quote through the sales process.   Each time the quote is revised, it creates a new version of the quote (with the same quote reference) and marks the previous one as declined.

To revise a quote, click on the quote number from the issued tab of the quotes dashboard.

From the bottom of the quote details page, click the Revise Quote button.   Note:  If the revise option is not available, the quote has not been issued.

A new revised quote will be created, note the quote revision has the same quote reference, but has a number appended to it.   This suffix notation visually distinguishes are revised quote in WorkGuru and the suffix number determines how many times that quote has been revised.

The quote revision is at the draft state, so needs to be edited by clicking Edit Quote as per the normal quote workflow to make the required changes that prompted the revision.

Once the changes are made, click Save and Issue to re-issue the quote revision, then Email Quote or Print as required to send the updated quote to the client.   The new version is now the issued quote, and the revised quote is unchanged for reference, just automatically declined.

If the revision requires changes, follow the revision process again.  It will add the next version number (/2) and decline the original revision (/1).