You can use a lead to track the sales cycle around issuing a quote.  This lets you track the activities, notes and emails related to the issue and hopefully acceptance of your quote/proposal.   You can also assign new or revised quotes created directly from the quote dashboard to an existing lead by the quote edit page.

Multiple quotes can be added to the lead.  This is useful if you need to manage multiple quotes with different options for the client, or you are issuing the same quote to multiple clients.  If a lead has multiple quotes and the client accepts one, WorkGuru will mark that quote as accepted and create a project/stocksale and mark the other quotes as lost automatically.

New Quotes

Add or edit a lead and from the lead's detail page, click the Add Quote button.

Create and issue the quote as per your normal quoting workflow. The lead will pre-populate the relevant quote fields for you.

The lead is now accessible from the quote details page.  You can re-assign the quote to another lead via the dropdown, or use the shortcuts to open the quote or edit the quote if it is in the draft stage.

The quote is also now accessible from the Quotes tab on the lead details:

You can also access the quote directly from the quote dashboard (Sales -> Quotes).

Existing Quotes

You can also add a new or existing draft or revised quote to an existing lead by selecting the lead from the lead dropdown.  Edit the existing quote and select the relevant lead from the dropdown. The quote will then display in the lead's quotes tab.