You can use a lead to track the sales cycle around issuing a quote.  This lets you track the activities, notes and emails related to the issue and hopefully the acceptance of your quote/proposal.   You can also assign new or revised quotes created directly from the quote dashboard to an existing lead by the quote edit page.

To add a quote to a lead:

  1. Create a lead following these steps.
  2. From the lead detail page, click the Add Quote button.
  3. Create a quote following these steps. The lead will pre-populate the client details for you.
  4. The lead is now accessible from the quote details:
  5. The quote is also now accessible from the lead detail page:
  6. You can also access the quote directly from the quote dashboard.
  7. You can also add a new or existing draft or revised quote to an existing lead by editing the quote and selecting the lead from the lead dropdown.