You can manage your quotes from the quotes dashboard page (Sales -> Quotes).   The quotes dashboard displays your sales pipeline values by current, expired and average quote totals.  Data summaries are also displayed visually by quote status, value by client and owner, which can be hovered over to popup further information.

You can access your quotes by either clicking on the Issued, Draft, Declined, Accepted or All Quotes tabs, or searching by quote number, name, client, description or owner.    If you do not need or use the dashboard information, you can click Close Quotes Dashboard to just display the quotes, status tabs and search field.

You can open the details page by clicking the quote number from the quotes dashboard.  The quote details page displays the quote information, line items and forecast financials in the overview tab.  You can record notes, upload files and review the email history.

At the bottom of the detail page, the functions available at the current state of the quote will be displayed.

Quote functions available depending on state are:

  • Issue Quote - Mark quote as issued.  Has to be revised if needed to be edited.
  • Accept and Create Project - Mark the quote as accepted and create a project (or stock sale if no task on quote)
  • Edit Quote - Edit the quote details and line items (Draft quote only)
  • Revise Quote - Mark the quote as revised to edit based on client feedback.
  • Decline Quote - Decline the quote as the client is not going forward with it.  Can also be used to cancel a quote.
  • Email Quote - Email the quote as a pdf or docx to the client.
  • Print - Print/download the quote  to your device as a pdf or docx formatted file.
  • Mark as Emailed - If sending to the client externally, display the quote as sent in WorkGuru.
  • Back to List - Back to the quotes dashboard.
  • Create and Project Template from Quote - Create a project template from the quote's line items to be used again on subsequent quotes and projects.
  • Copy Quote - Copy the quote lines inclusive of details (including client etc).