Actuals added to a WorkGuru project can be tracked in real time from the project details page via the progress widgets and the actuals tabs.  WorkGuru will constantly present you with the actuals you have entered compared with the project's forecasted tasks and costs so you always have the information you need to keep your projects on track to complete on-time and on-budget.

The following actuals can be easily tracked over the duration of the project:

  1. Timesheets and Progress
  2. Timesheets
  3. Task Completion
  4. Invoicing Progress
  5. Material usage from stock and purchase orders

The project costs accrued on the project in the a combination of the timesheet costs (as per staff member's actual hourly rate - remember this is different to the forecast task rate as it is determined by who actually worked on that task) the landed costs of the materials used from stock and the value of any project purchase orders.    If you hover over the cost widget, a popup will show the breakdown of the costs on the project by Time, Materials, Purchases.