The WorkGuru time sheets dashboard lets you review and manage all the time sheets submitted to projects and production jobs in one place. 

You can add time sheets for yourself or on behalf of other staff using the Add Timesheet+ button, or bulk import them from other time sheet systems using the template below by clicking on the Import Timesheets button.

As the dashboard will contain a lot of timesheets, WorkGuru provides a lot of ways to refine the list to exactly the timesheets you are looking for.

  • Tabs: You can refine the timesheets by Approved, Draft, All and Team tabs.    
  • Dates: You can view timesheets within a period by selecting a Start Date and End Date.
  • Search:  The search allows you to search for a number of elements, which you can combine in one string:
    • User
    • Project Number
    • Project Name
    • Client
    • Task

Each timesheet can be managed individually by selecting the functions on the right hand side of the timesheet entry.

  • Edit - Edit the timesheet entry. Change anything on the timesheet entry (times, project and tasks etc)
  • Approve - Approve the timesheet.  This locks the timesheet so the user can not longer modify it.
  • Un-Approve - Un-Approve the timesheet.  This unlocks the timesheet so the user can modify it.
  • Delete - Delete the timesheet.

If you select the Draft tab, you have the ability to bulk Approve or Delete timesheets.  Select the check boxes or Select All and click the Bulk Approve Timesheets or Bulk Delete Timesheets as required.