Timesheets are managed in WorkGuru from either the Time tab in a project or centrally in the timesheet dashboard.   The timesheet dashboard lets you Search for users, projects and tasks, and then refine by the timesheet Start Date and End Date and the Approved, Draft or All Timesheets states.   There is also a shortcut to Add Timesheets on behalf of staff or Import Timesheets in bulk from an external system such as a payroll time-clock.

The Approved tab allows timesheet managers with sufficient permissions to Edit, Approve, Un-approve and Delete timesheets via the icons at the end of each timesheet row.

The Draft and Submitted (Weekly timesheets only) tabs allow timesheet managers to bulk approve and delete timesheets.

Timesheets for a specific project can be managed from the project's Time tab.  Project managers with sufficient permissions can Edit and Delete timesheets directly from the project.   If the staff members hourly cost rate changes, by default it will apply from the next timesheet that the user submits.  However, you can also re-cost their historical timesheets if required by clicking the Recost Timesheets for Project.   Note: this function will re-cost ALL timesheets submitted to the project.