WorkGuru can capture timesheets on projects in two ways, Daily and Weekly.   Each mode suits different workflows. Daily, better suits projects were staff work on and complete a specific task within a day.   Weekly timesheets suits larger projects where staff are working on the same tasks over multiple days/weeks.   You can confirm which setting your WorkGuru is switched to in Administration -> Weekly -> Settings -> General -> Timesheet Type.  

Weekly timesheets are added to WorkGuru from the dashboard.

  1. Click on the Update Weekly Timesheet button on the timesheets section of the dashboard.
  2. On the weekly timesheet entry page you can fill out the following:
    1. Previous/Next Week - Toggle between weeks to forward/backdate timesheets.  Note: the Week displayed is designed to match your Xero payroll setting.  Administration -> Settings -> General -> Week Starts On.
    2. Project - Select project to add to weekly timesheet
    3. Task - Select the task from the selected project to add to weekly timesheet
    4. Copy from Previous Week - Copy the previous weeks project/tasks to speed up timesheet entry.
    5. Toggle Note Fields - Show/Hide the timesheet note fields.
    6. Save Timesheet - Save entries
    7. Back to List - Back to the dashboard
    8. Submit Timesheet - Lock and submit the timesheet for approval.  Do not submit your timesheet if you want to make new entries/changes.
  3. Select the Project and Tasks and click Add Task for as many project/tasks that you need to enter time against.
  4. For each Project/Task row, you can enter the total number of hours and timesheets notes for each day on the one screen.   You can remove any project/task that is not required by clicking on the on the end of the row. This weekly timesheet will also display totals for each task, day and week.
  5. If you need to add more time, click Save Timesheet.   If you have finished and doublechecked the week's timesheet entries are correct, click Submit Timesheet.
  6. More time can be added to saved timesheets by clicking on the Update Weekly Timesheet button on the dashboard.
  7. Timesheets are now available in the Time tab on the project detail pages of the relevant projects.