WorkGuru can capture timesheets on projects in two ways, Daily and Weekly.   Each mode suits different workflows. Daily, better suits projects were staff work on and complete a specific task within a day.   Weekly timesheets suits larger projects where staff are working on the same tasks over multiple days/weeks.   You can confirm which setting your WorkGuru is switched to in Administration -> Settings -> General -> Timesheet Type.  

  1. There are 3 ways to add daily timesheets in WorkGuru:
    1. The projects dashboard's quick action's button:
    2. The project detail pages quick action's button:
    3. WorkGuru dashboard:
  2. The Add Timesheet has 5 compulsory fields
    1. Project: The Project that the timesheet is for. The items in this list will be limited to the projects to which a user has been assigned.
    2. Task: The Task on that project for which this timesheet is for. Again, this list will be limited to tasks to which the user has been assigned.
    3. Start Date: This is the date that the timesheet started. 
    4. Start Time: This is the start date and time of the timesheet
    5. Finish Time: This is the end time and time of the timesheet. Note: A timesheet that runs from 21:00 to 06:00 is considered to run from 9pm in the evening, to 6am the next morning
  3. Once you have entered all of these fields, the length of the timesheet will be calculated automatically, and you can edit the billable length to write up or down the time billed to the client if you raise invoices based on actual time.   Note that the total length is used to calculate the hourly cost of the timesheet regardless of what you bill the client.
  4. Click Save Timesheet to complete the timesheet entry.
  5. Timesheets are now available in the Time tab on the project detail pages of the relevant projects.