Once a staff member has signed into the Kiosk, it defaults to the timesheet entry page.  To add stock usage via the kiosk, click Use Materials to show the materials usage page. 

Confirm the Warehouse for correct stock location, select the relevant project from the Project dropdown and click the Use Materials button.

Materials can be added to the project two ways:

Click the Add Product button to add your material usage to the project line by line. Search for the product SKU and/or name and add the the Qty used.  Click Add Stock Usage to commit the materials to the project.

Click the Use All Forecast Materials or Use All Remaining Materials button to add materials already forecast on the project at one time.  You can change the Qty to reflect the actual usage if it is different from the forecast. Click Add Stock Usage top commit the materials to the project.

The material usage will be confirmed when added successfully.

Click Done - Go back to the kiosk to log out of the kiosk.