You can setup warehouse specific par levels and locations on the product's par levels and locations tab.   These can be used with WorkGuru's purchasing reports to automate raising purchase orders for the products you need to maintain optimum stock level.   From the product detail page, you can review the current settings on the Par Levels and Locations tab.  Click Edit Product to add or mange the levels and locations.

Fill out the following fields if required for the following fields:

  1. Min - Minimum stock level that if equal or less than will will prompt for a re-order.
  2. Max - Maximum stock level that out don't want to hold more of.
  3. Par - The minimum amount of SoH needed to meet demand.  Usually calculated by the current SoH - min / sales average.  The Par level is used as the re-order quantity for Buying Guru.
  4. Location - Physical location identifier (Zone/Bin etc) in each warehouse.

Product levels and locations can also be imported from an import template.  You can then use the Buying Guru purchasing automation tool to raise purchase orders automatically using the product Min, Max and Par levels compared to the current stock on hand.   The product warehouse location can also be printed on a document template such as a pick list by using the merge-field [ProductLocation].