API KeysAllow API Key generation.
Audit logsHidden admin function not available In WorkGuru.
LanguagesAccess to Administration -> Languages
  • Changing texts
Changing the UI language
  • Creating new language
Creating new UI language
  • Deleting language
Deleting UI languages
  • Editing language
Editing existing UI languages
Login for UsersAllow user to login in as other users.  Required for Kiosk access.
Organization UnitsHidden admin function not available in WorkGuru.
  • Managing members
  • Managing organization tree
RolesAccess to Administration -> Roles
  • Creating new role

  • Deleting role

  • Editing role

SettingsAccess to Administration -> Settings
  • Data Reset
Data Reset tab visibility in Administration -> Settings
SubscriptionAccess to Administration -> Subscription
UsersAccess to Administration -> Users
  • Changing permissions

  • Creating new user

  • Deleting user

  • Editing user

Visual SettingsAllow custom CSS upload.


AccountingAccess to accounting dashboard (Xero/MYOB/QuickBooks)
  • Settings
Access to accounting integration settings.
  • Add Or Edit Assets

Can Access Client PortalAccess the quote portal
  • Add or Edit Client

  • Can View Client Custom Pricing

Credit Notes
Custom FieldsAdministration -> Custom fields
DashboardShould be enabled for all roles.
  • Modify their Personal Dashboard
Edit their own dashboard widgets.
  • Set Dashboard Defaults for Company
Edit dashboard widgets for all users.
Delivery AddressManage the delivery address list used for purchase orders.
Document Template Management
FormsAccess to create and manage forms.
IntegrationsConnect and change settings for WorkGuru integrations.
  • Approve Invoices
Approve invoices to be sent to Xero.  If not ticked, draft only.
  • Edit Invoices

  • Queue Invoices/Payments to Accounting
Enables “Skip Send to Accounting” button to prevent invoices being sent to Xero via the Xero dashboard.
  • View All Users' Invoices
Toggle if the user can view all or only invoices for projects they are a manager of.
Merge Purchase OrdersAllow merging of POs on PO dashboard.
NotificationsEnable notifications
  • Notification Settings
Allow user to manage their notifications
Product ManagementCreate and edit products
ProductsAccess the product list.
ProfileAllow user to access their profile menu (top right corner)
  • Change Password Nodal
Allow user to change their passwords
  • Change Profile Picture Modal
Allow user to change their profile picture
  • Login Attempts Modal
Allow user change number of incorrect pw attempts
  • Manage Linked Accounts Modal
Allow user to access multiple WorkGuru tenants via the one login.
  • My Settings Modal
Allow the user to update their profile info.
Project TemplatesAllow project template dashboard
  • Add or Edit Project Templates

  • Add or Edit Projects

  • Add or Edit Recurring Projects

  • Can See All Projects
Toggle project access based on task staff allocation.
  • Can View Project Profit Widgets
If enabled, user can only see progress widgets, no financials.
  • Change Sell Price At Invoice Time
Override project pricing on invoices.
  • Complete Project

  • Delete Recurring Projects

  • Edit Project Product Cost Price
Allow/deny users to edit project product line cost pricing.
  • Edit Project Task Cost Price
Allow/deny users to edit project task line cost pricing
  • Invoice Project
Toggles visibility of the Quick Invoice button in the project's actions menu
  • Add or Edit Purchase Orders

  • Approve Purchase Orders
Approve POs.  If not ticked, draft only.
  • Print or Email Purchase Orders
Toggles visibility of Print and Email buttons on the bottom of the PO details page.
  • Queue Purchase Orders to Accounting
Enables “Skip Send to Accounting” button to prevent purchases being sent to Xero via the Xero dashboard.
  • Receive Purchase Orders
Toggles visibility of the receive PO button.
Recurring ProjectsCreate or edit recurring projects
ReportsAccess to the reports page (currently v2)
  • Add or Edit Reports
  • Assets

  • Clients

  • Custom Reports Category 1

  • Custom Reports Category 2

  • Custom Reports Category 3

  • Invoices

  • Projects

  • Purchases

  • Sales

  • Stock

  • Timesheets

  • Add or Edit Quotes

  • Can See All Quotes
Toggle if the user can view all or only invoices for quotes they are an owner of.
  • Can See Costs and Margin on Quotes
Toggles visibility of the forecast cost and profit summary on quote.
  • Edit Quote Product Cost Price
Allow/deny users to edit quote product line cost pricing.
  • Edit Quote Task Cost Price
Allow/deny users to edit quote task line cost pricing
  • Lead Settings
Administration -> Lead settings
  • Stock Adjustment
Recommend only select users have access
  • Stock Count

  • Stock Transfer

  • Warehouses

Stock Sales
Stock UsageAllow user access to "Use Materials" button on projects
Stock Usage ReversalAllow user to reverse stock usage on projects.
  • Add or Edit Supplier

Task ManagementCreate and edit Tasks.
TeamCreate teams of users for task assignments.
Timesheet EntryAllow user to enter time on projects
  • Can Add Timesheets To All Tasks
Allow user to see all tasks on all projects regardless of staff allocation
Timesheet Management
  • Allow to approve timesheets

  • Creating timesheets for other users
Allow managers to enter timesheets on behalf of other staff.