There are two workflows available to control which projects and tasks are visible to staff when they are entering timesheets:

Note:  Timesheet visibility is different from project visibility.  WorkGuru's permissions allow staff to add timesheets to projects without being able to access them and conversely, access projects without being able to add time to them.

Staff Can See All Projects/Tasks

If you have a small team or list of open projects/production jobs, the easiest option may be to allow all staff to add timesheets to all projects.   All you need to do is ensure the Can Add Timesheets To All Tasks permission is enabled for the user/role.

This will display all projects and tasks in the users's timesheet entry without any additional management required.


  • Less administrative overhead to onboard projects/production jobs.
  • Staff assignment not required on project/production tasks.


  • Takes longer for staff to identify the correct project/production task to assign to if a large number of projects exist.
  • Higher risk of time being allocated to the incorrect job due to laziness/confusion.

Staff Can Only See Assigned Projects/Tasks

If you require staff to only see project/production tasks that are relevant to their roles, you will need assign staff to each task in each project/production job before they are able to enter time.  The administration of assigning staff to tasks can be simplified by using staff teams or pre-allocating staff on project/production templates.

Ensure that the Can Add Timesheets to All Tasks permission is not enabled for the required user/role. NOTE: Users/roles with full admin permissions will have full project/task visibility.

Staff will then need be added to project/production jobs either individually or via teams by expanding the task.   If staff are not added to at least one task in the project/production job, it will not display in their timesheet entry.


  • Optimised timesheet entry list for each staff member provides faster and more accurate project/production task timesheet entry.
  • Minimised risk of timesheets being submitted on incorrect project/production tasks.


  • Increased administration when onboarding/editing projects/production jobs to ensure staff are allocated correctly.