A project's schedule is set by two hierarchical date ranges:

  • Project Schedule (Mandatory) - Every project is created with a start and end date (default is the creation date)
  • Task Schedule (Optional) - Each task can be scheduled independently within the projects overall schedule.  Task scheduling is optional - usually defined by the workflow requirements.   A project can have a mix of scheduled and unscheduled tasks as required.

A project's scheduled dates can be assigned and managed in the project itself and visually on the WorkGuru Schedule.

Project/Production Job Schedule

A project/production job and associated tasks schedule can be managed in the project by editing the project (Quick Actions -> Actions -> Edit Project).   Update the Start Date and Due Date fields to set the project's schedule.

Click the blue + icon at the start of a task you need to schedule.   From the dropdown task details, add/update the task's Start Date and End Date fields. NOTE: This is optional.

Saving the edited project will update the project/production jobs schedule.

Gantt Chart Schedule

To view the schedule visually, access the schedule from the Projects -> Schedule menu.

To manage the schedule visually, select the Start Date, End Date and Submit for the period you want the schedule to display. The Project Status (optional) is only required if you would like to drill down to a specific status such as In Progress only).    The option to Include projects that encompass selected dates allows you to toggle the schedule to display projects that have start/end dates outside of the selected display dates (ticked) or only display projects that explicitly start and finish within the selected display dates.

To get more detail on the scheduled project and/or task, you can hover over the event and a popup will display the detail.   The event is also clickable to take you straight to the project's detail page.

The project schedule can then be dragged and dropped or extended to re-schedule the project.   

If the project has scheduled Tasks, click on the + icon to expand and view.   If you would like to expand all projects displayed, click the Toggle All Tasks button.    If a project does not display the + expand icon, it either does not have tasks, or tasks are not scheduled.   The Schedule Unscheduled Tasks button is a shortcut to allow you to schedule a project's tasks directly on the schedule via drag and drop.   NOTE:  This will schedule the tasks on ALL projects currently displayed in the schedule.