To view the schedule based on the assigned staff requires the following prerequisites:

  • The task is scheduled
  • The task has staff or team assigned.

A task can be scheduled and assigned directly in the edit project screen (Quick Actions -> Actions -> Edit Project).

Click on the blue + at the start of Task to be scheduled/assigned.  On the expanded task details page add the Start Date and End Date to schedule the task.   To assign a staff member or a staff team, add the name to the Staff Allocation field or select the team from the Staff Team dropdown.

Note:  The start and end dates are optional.  You can assign your staff and use the Schedule Unscheduled Tasks option in the Project Schedule.

Once staff have been assigned to and the task scheduled, the project details are now available to be viewed and managed per staff member in the Staff Schedule (Projects -> Schedule -> Staff Schedule View)

To display the staff schedule, select the Start Date, End Date, Team (Optional) and Submit

The default view is incomplete tasks on open projects.   Completed projects will not display unless the Search for incomplete tasks on completed projects? option is selected.   The staff schedule can be set to auto-refresh every 5 minutes to display a live staff/task assignment if displayed on a rostering screen.

To get more detail on the scheduled project and/or task, you can hover over the event and a popup will display the detail.   The event is also clickable to take you straight to the project's detail page.

Assigned tasks can be re-assigned between staff or rescheduled by dragging and dropping.