If you have a current active WorkGuru subscription, you can manage your number of users and update payment and billing details from the subscription dashboard (Administration -> Subscription).   NOTE:  If the subscription option is not available, your WorkGuru billing is looked after via a WorkGuru parnter.   For any subscription updates, contact your WorkGuru partner.  If you do not know who your partner is, contact us at support@workguru.io for assistance.

Update Subscription Users and Inventory Module

To update your subscription, click Enable Edit Subscription.   This will allow you to change the Number of Users and enable the Inventory Module.  Click Change Number of Users or Add/Remove Inventory Module to apply the changes. The updated billing will be charged on the next billing cycle. Note: You can not decrease your number of users below your current active user count.

Update Billing Details

If you need to change your billing information or update an expired or cancelled credit card, click Open Stripe Portal to access your stripe portal.

Use the portal to edit or update your Payment Method or Billing Information as required.

Legacy Billing Plans

If your active subscription page is displaying the following message, you are on legacy pricing that can't be modified from your end.  Contact us at support@workguru.io and the team will be able to update your subscription or upgrade your account to the new billing system.