You can add suppliers directly to WorkGuru by clicking on Add Supplier in the Actions menu from the supplier dashboard.

When adding a supplier, only the supplier name is required to save the record.   However, the more data you can add in your supplier records, the more automation and reporting WorkGuru can provide.   Generally the supplier name is a company, with the contacts being the people.  However, the name can be an individual if required by your workflow.

In the overview tab, fill out the following fields and click Save when complete:

  • Name - Supplier name, usually the company name.  (Required)
  • ABN - Supplier's company number.
  • Address 1 - Supplier street address
  • Address 2 - Supplier street address
  • Suburb - Supplier suburb
  • City - Supplier city
  • State - Supplier state
  • Postcode - Supplier postcode
  • Country - Supplier country
  • Email - Supplier company email
  • Website - Supplier website
  • Phone - Supplier landline number
  • Fax - Supplier fax.
  • Estimate Lead Days - Number of days it usually takes the supplier to ship to your warehouse.
  • Credit Terms - Supplier payment terms.
  • SupplierTaxRate - Supplier tax rate (GST Exampt etc)
  • Currency - Supplier invoice currency
  • Custom Fields - Any custom fields that you have created and assigned to the client section will display below the default client fields.

The overview tab also includes the client contacts list.   A client can have multiple contacts.  To add a contact, click the Create a new Contact button.

  • FirstName - Contact first name
  • LastName - Contact last name
  • Email - Contact direct email
  • Phone1 - Contact landline number
  • Phone2 - Contact mobile number
  • Position - Contact role/position
  • Notes - Contact notes.

Click Save when complete.