You can add supplier and contacts directly to WorkGuru via new Purchase Orders.  This simplifies the workflow in that you don't have to create your suppliers before you use them on the PO.  When using this function, the supplier will be created and saved to your supplier list and used on the PO.

To add a new client from a transaction, click Add a New Supplier from the new purchase order page instead of the usual selection from the supplier dropdown.

Fill out the relevant fields from the Add a Supplier popup.  Note, only the Name field is required.   You can quickly add just the supplier name to add to the purchase order now and fill out the details later from the supplier dashboard.  Click Save to add the new supplier.

NOTE: You cannot add a contact in the add supplier popup.  This is done in a followup step.

You can add a new contact to a new or existing supplier from the same new purchase order screen.   The Add Contact button is only available if a new or existing supplier has been selected.

Click Add Contact and fill out the contact fields.  Only the FirstName field is required, additional details can be added later via editing the contact from the supplier details page.  Click Save to apply.

The new supplier and contact are added to your supplier list and can be managed further by editing them from the supplier dashboard.