Migrating projects from WorkflowMax to Workguru is a two step process

  • Project Import - Imports project details
  • Project Line Import - Populates the imported projects with tasks and/or cost/product lines.   It is recommended that these lines match the project's accepted quote (if available) so the project forecast is setup accurately in WorkGuru.

Project Import

The WorkflowMax project data is very similar to WorkGuru project import.  Build the following report in WFM's report builder. It is assumed you would use the Criteria (step 3) section of the report builder to refine the WFM export to your current work in progress projects based on fields relevant to your workflow.

  • WFM Report Type - Job
  • WFM Report Layout - Table

The WorkflowMax export is mapped to the WorkGuru import template fields as follows. Note: Not all WorkGuru fields are supplied by WFM and will need to be populated manually if required.

ProjectNo[Job] Job No.
ProjectName[Job] Name
Description[Job] Description
StartDate[Job] Start Date
DueDate[Job] Due Date
CompletedDate[Job] Completed Date
Client[Client] Client
TaskAmount[Job] Quoted Amount (Tasks)
CostAmount[Job] Quoted Amount (Costs)
*Not Available*
*Not Available*
*Not Available*
ClientPurchaseOrder[Job] Client Number
Status[State] State
ProjectManager[Job] Manager

Upload the project import template here:

AUS/NZ -  https://app.workguru.io/App/Projects/Import

UK - https://uk.workguru.io/App/Projects/Import

Project Line Import

WorkflowMax cannot export a consolidated list of tasks and costs on one report, so you need to export your costs and tasks separately.   However, you can then either import these either separately or combined into WorkGuru.

  • WFM Report Type - Job Cost
  • WFM Report Layout - Table

An alternative setup option to importing task lines, is to apply tasks to a project by a WorkGuru project template.

  • WFM Report Type - Job Task
  • WFM Report Layout - Table

The WorkflowMax data is mapped to the WorkGuru import template as follows. WorkGuru can import both tasks and costs with one import, so you can combine the two WFM exports if required.  Note: Not all WorkGuru fields are available in WorkflowMax and will need to be populated manually if required.

WorkGuruWorkflowMax (Costs)WorkflowMax (Tasks)
ProjectNumber[Job] Job No.[Job] Job No.
Sku[Cost] Code
Name[Cost] Description[Task] Name
Description[Cost] Note[Task] Description
Quantity[Cost] Quantity[Task] Estimated Time
SellPrice[Cost] Price (unit price)
*Not Available*
CostPrice[Cost] Cost (unit cost)
*Not Available*
Billable[Cost] Billable[Task] Billable
TaxTypeGST on IncomeGST on Income

Upload the project line import template here:

AUS/NZ https://app.workguru.io/App/Projects/ImportProjectLines

UK - https://uk.workguru.io/App/Projects/ImportProjectLines