As WorkflowMax does not provide stock control, all WFM purchase orders are equivalent to project purchase orders in Workguru. Build the following report in WFM's report builder. It is assumed you would use the Criteria (step 3) section of the report builder to refine the WFM export to your current work in progress purchase orders based on fields relevant to your workflow.

  • Report Type - Purchase Order Cost
  • Report Layout - Table

The WorkflowMax export is mapped to the WorkGuru import template fields as follows. Note: Not all WorkGuru fields are available in WorkflowMax and will need to be populated manually if required.

PONumber[Order] PO No.
ProjectNo[Order] Job Number(s)
Supplier[Order] Supplier
IssueDate[Order] Date
ExpectedDate*Not Available*
DeliveryInstructions*Not Available*
DeliveryAddress1*Not Available*
DeliveryAddress2*Not Available*
Suburb*Not Available*
State*Not Available*
Postcode*Not Available*
SKU[Cost] Code
Name[Cost] Description
Description[Cost] Note
OrderQuantity[Cost] Ordered
BuyPrice[Cost] Unit Cost
ExpenseAccountCode*Not Available*
TaxName*Not Available*
TaxRate*Not Available*
Warehouse*Not Available*

It is possible to migrate costed PO date from WFM to combine into a full , but you will have to link two additional WFM reports together as it doesn't provide all the info on one export.  Via VLOOKUP function on the in a spreadsheet you will need to use the WFM Purchase Receipt report to link the WFM Purchase Order Cost to the Purchase Receipt Item reports.   The reason you need the intermediary Purchase Receipt report is to link the [Order] PO No. field to the [Receipt} Invoice Number. These fields can then be added to the WorkGuru PO import template:



[Receipt] Invoice Date
[Item] Quantity
[Item] Unit Cost
[Receipt] Invoice Number

Upload the purchase order template through the Purchase Order Import. Be sure to check the import support article for any rules and guidelines that apply.


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