WorkflowMax cost data can be exported directly from (Business -> Settings -> Costs -> Export).   Use the Supplier drop-down to select all products or refine the list to a specific supplier then click the Export button.

Confirm the export summary looks correct and Click to download export file.

Map the exported data from WFM via the standard WorkGuru product import process.   As WorkflowMax does not support stock control, most of the fields are not available and will need to be manually entered before importing to WorkGuru. Note: WorkflowMax does not require their product code to be mandatory, whereas the SKU is required in WorkGuru.  Ensure that all products imported from WFM has a SKU or your product import will fail.

CostPricecost (unit cost)
SellPriceprice (unit price)
Barcode*Not Available*
Brand*Not Available*
Category*Not Available*
SupplierCode*Not Available*
PurchaseTaxCode*Not Available*
SellTaxCode*Not Available*
TrackingType*Not Available*
IsActive*Not Available*
Length*Not Available*
Height*Not Available*
Width*Not Available*
Weight*Not Available*
MinOrderQty*Not Available*

Upload the product import template here: 


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