The WorkflowMax lead data is very similar to WorkGuru lead import.  Build the following report in WFM's report builder. It is assumed you would use the Criteria (step 3) section of the report builder to refine the WFM export to your current work in progress leads based on fields relevant to your workflow.

  • WFM Report Type - Lead
  • WFM Report Layout - Table

The WorkflowMax export is then mapped to the WorkGuru import template fields as follows.  Note: Not all WorkGuru fields are available in WorkflowMax and will need to be populated manually if required.

Client[Lead] Client
LeadNumber*Not Available*
Name[Lead] Name
Description[Lead] Details
Category[Lead] Category
Stage*Not Available*
Status*Not Available*
Budget*Not Available*
ForecastCloseDate*Not Available*
CloseProbability*Not Available*
Owner[Lead] Owners

Upload the lead import template here:


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