If you have updated your Xero chart of accounts, tax rates or tracking categories, these won't automatically update in WorkGuru and will need to be re-synced.

To update WorkGuru's with the latest settings in Xero, open the Xero dashboard (Accounting -> Xero) and select Get Tax Rates, Get Chart of Accounts and Get Tracking Categories from Xero as required.

Once you have re-synced the updated Xero data, click Update Default Accounting Settings (Accounting -> Settings) to open the Update Accounting Settings dashboard.  The setting page allows you to manage the Xero integration settings.

Default Settings and Currencies

  • Accounting Integration - Defaults to Xero.
  • Default Sales Account - Default income account. Recommended Xero Account Type: Revenue.
  • Default Expenses Account - Default expense account for non-stock (not FIFO) products or project disbursement purchase orders.  Recommended Xero Account Type: Expense.
  • Default Inventory Account - Default stock on hand account. Note: You may not use Xero's built in Inventory account for your Stock on Hand. Create a separate Current Asset account type for SOH value. 
  • Default COGS Account - Default COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) account for cost of sale, stocktake and stock adjustment journals.  Recommended Xero Account Type: Direct Cost
  • Default Rounding Account - Default account to map to the rounding fields on WorkGuru invoices and purchases.  Usually mapped to the built-in Xero 860 Rounding account.
  • Default Sales Tax - Default sales tax to be used.  Eg GST on Income (For AU).
  • Default Purchase Tax - Default purchase tax to be used.  Eg GST on Expenses (For AU).
  • Default Currency - Default currency, use IBAN ISO currency codes (AUD etc).   Must match your default Xero currency.
  • Alternate Currencies - alternate currencies to be used for multi currency purchasing, use IBAN ISO currency codes (USD, EUR, NZD etc).
  • Do You Sell in Foreign Currencies? - Enables foreign currencies on projects and stock sales.

Accounting Integration Settings

  • Append Invoice Product Line Description to Accounting Line Item? - Adds the WorkGuru line description to the Xero invoice line item.
  • Append PO Product Line Description to Accounting Line Item? - Adds the WorkGuru line description to the Xero bill line item.
  • Enable Background Sync To Accounting?  - Enable syncing automatically to Xero.   Common transactions are synced hourly (Invoice/Purchases etc), others are synced daily (COGS etc).  You can still manually send data if required.
  • Default Status for Synced Documents - Set status of synced data in Xero to Draft or Approved.
  • Send Files to Accounting - Enable the transfer of files stored against Invoices or Purchases to Xero's file system.
  • Auto Allocate Supplier Credit Notes To Purchases - Automatically assign any available credits to the Supplier in Xero to synced purchase orders.
  • Prepend Supplier Name to Disbursement Invoice Lines in Xero - When invoicing billable project purchases, add the supplier to the start of the line item on the Xero invoice.

Xero Data Management