WorkGuru is designed to work seamlessly with Xero to remove double entry and allow you to separate your operational functions from your accounting system.

Data for Clients and Suppliers flows in both directions between the systems, however, WorkGuru will only actively send Suppliers or Clients to Xero if you have an invoice, or a bill from that contact. This prevents creating duplicate entries, or filling up Xero with clients you're not selling to yet.

The stock control module keeps all of the product complexity and stock on hand counts out of the accounting system and just maintains the correct stock on hand value in Xero.

Invoices, Purchase Orders, Cost of Goods Sold, Credit Notes, Payments and Timesheets flows from WorkGuru to Xero

Finally, Tax Codes and Rates, Xero Chart of Accounts and reconciliation flow from Xero to WorkGuru.

Xero Integration FAQ

When and how does data sync occur?

We only sync data from WorkGuru to Xero when you manually hit the send buttons! We believe that automating this process can create too many issues with incorrect data being pushed through to Xero before you're ready.

Does it matter what I change in what system?

YES! Every integration works based on a specific process, and just changing things in either system, won't always give you the outcome you're expecting. The simplest way to think of it, is that if it's anything to do with an operational element (e.g. A Quote, a Project, an Invoice or a PO) it should be done in WorkGuru. 

If it relates to your Chart of Accounts, Tax Codes / Rates or Bank Reconciliation, it has to be done in Xero.

Can I set the integration to send data automatically?

Yes, you can choose if your data is sent in the background or only when you want.

How do COGS and Purchase Orders for jobs work?

WorkGuru deals with two kinds of Purchase Order (PO) - Project POs, and Inventory POs. 

Project POs are simple. We don't receipt the stock into inventory as it is automatically allocated to the project. This means that purchases for that project go straight to your default expenses account specified in your Xero settings.

With an Inventory PO (that is, a PO not assigned to a job), the PO increases your Stock on Hand account by the value of the PO, and makes no entry into your expenses account. Only once you use items from inventory, will the expense be recognised, and WorkGuru will create a journal from you Stock on Hand account, to your Cost of Goods Sold account.