The Asana integration can be connected by clicking the Asana icon on the integrations page. Once connected, this is also where actions can be performed for the integration:

If you are not already connected, you will see a link to begin the connection and authorisation process:

Once clicked, you will receive a prompt from Asana to authorise the connection between the two platforms. If Asana cannot find a login session on your browser, you will first be prompted to login to your Asana account:

Once authorised, you will be returned to the Asana Integration page within WorkGuru where you will need to finalise some settings before you can begin syncing data across:

To begin syncing your Projects, Tasks and To-do items, first you must:

  • Select your primary Asana Workspace (i.e. Organisation).
    • This is the workspace under which all items will be synced from WorkGuru.
  • Select your integration start date.
    • Projects starting and to-do items created after this date can be synced across.
  • Sync your users from Asana.
    • This option will become available once a workspace has been selected and saved.
    • Users are mapped based on email address.
  • Select your primary team, or select to create a new team in Asana.*
    • If a workspace is not yet saved, only one option will be available (Create new Asana team).
    • Once a primary workspace has been selected and saved, other Asana teams will be available as options.
  • Save your settings.

*Note: All projects synced to Asana require a team to be assigned. When selecting to create a new team in Asana:

  • If users have not been synced first - the newly created team in Asana will contain only the current logged in Asana user.
  • If users have been synced first - the newly created team in Asana will contain all users synced from Asana to WorkGuru.

Once all steps have been completed, the setup text on the Asana Integration page will be replaced with syncing options and other tabs will become available:

To learn more about how syncing and data propagation between the two platforms works, please see WorkGuru and Asana Data Syncing.