Once the initial setup is complete, Projects, Project Tasks and ToDo Items can be synced to Asana via the Asana Integration Dashboard:

From the overview tab, all current projects and to-do items can be queued to send across by clicking the relevant links. Doing so will queue these items to sync to Asana via a background job, which will allow you to continue using the WorkGuru platform while items are synced in the background. This is particularly useful if you have many items to sync across.

At the top of the page, you will also find tabs for unsynced projects, project tasks and to-do items. Each of these tabs will provide a list of the outstanding items that haven't yet been synced to Asana and will provide a link to manually-and-immediately sync each item. If using these links to manually sync, the page will automatically refresh once the sync request has finished and it's important not to navigate away from the page while the sync is underway.

The general logic behind how updates made in Asana propagate back to WorkGuru is summarised below:

Once an item has been synced across and updated in Asana, a webhook event will be created and sent by Asana to WorkGuru to notify us a change has been made against that item. Webhooks from Asana don't contain any information about what the change is, just that a change has been made. When we receive a webhook, we poll Asana for the relevant data and update that item in WorkGuru accordingly*. If an item is marked as completed in WorkGuru (either through the WorkGuru platform or via an Asana webhook), the webhook gets destroyed and no further updates against that item in Asana will propagate back to WorkGuru.

Examples of fields that will be updated include general text fields (name, number, description), project manager and date fields (start/ due/ completion).

*Note: If using this integration, it's assumed Asana is being used to manage your items. If a change is made against an item in WorkGuru (i.e. a task description is changed) after that item has been synced to Asana, that information may be overwritten the next time we receive a webhook from Asana for that item.

An example of the syncing process with screenshots can be found below. Bobs Job, which appears in an earlier screenshot above, has been manually synced across to Asana:

1. Project as it appears in WorkGuru immediately prior to sync:

2. Project as it appears in Asana immediately after sync:

  • List View
  • Project Details
  • Workshop Labour Task Details

3. Change is made in Asana - Workshop Labour description altered and marked completed

4. Change propagates back to WorkGuru automatically via webhook: