WorkGuru supports the bulk creation of project and production templates via a csv import template.  The only difference between the project and the product template import is the inclusion of the output line on the production imports. You can import lines to multiple templates in the one template import. The import template can be uploaded on the Import Hub (Administration -> Imports).

Project and Production Template Import Field Definitions

LineTypeDetermines type of import line. Either template, output, task or productRequired
TemplateNameName of template.  Repeats on all lines assigned to that templateRequired
SkuTemplate product or output line product code.  Must match existing SKU for output lines for successful import.  For product lines, unmatched SKUs are adding as adhoc lines.
Required for output and product lines only
NameOutput, task or product name
Descriptiontemplate, output, task or product description

QuantityOutput, task and product line quantity
Required for output, task and product lines only
SellPriceTask and product sell price
Required for task and product lines only
CostPriceTask and product cost priceRequired for task and product lines only
BillableLine billable status.  True or FalseRequired for task and product lines only
TaxTypeLine Xero tax type.  Usually either GST on Income or GST free IncomeRequired for task and product lines only

Line tax as a percentage. Must be a number eg GST = 10 for 10%.

Required for task and product lines only

Assigned staff to task lines only.  Must match staff username exactly.

Enter phases for standard project templates (Not supported on production jobs), separate multiple phases by a comma. Ener phase (singular) on the appropriate product or task line