As pricing changes for products and tasks over time, the line item pricing on project and production templates will not get updated automatically to prevent incorrect pricing being applied due to errors. Re-costing project and production templates updates the templates with the current task and product's pricing and other options to ensure the template's forecast profitability is accurate.

Recosting All Templates

Click the Actions button to display your template recosting options.

  • Add Project Template - Add a new project or production template
  • Recost all Templates - Update all project and production templates with the current task and product details matching on task name and product SKU.
  • Recost All Template w/ Options - Update all project and production templates with selected task and product options as required.

Note:  The recosting templates with options function is a background service which is run periodically (usually within 10-15mins).  Selected options are not updated immediately.

Recosting Individual Templates

You can re-cost individual templates from the template's details page by clicking Recost Template.

NOTE:   Updating costings on your templates is only changing the forecast costs applied to a project from the template. Actuals accrued on a project or production job, (timesheets, stock usage or purchase orders) will always be the current FIFO landed cost or base rate.